artist statement

I create universes with their own constellations, mood, and protagonists.
Inspired by nature, I play with three dimensional illusions and subtleties of depth, allowing for realism and abstraction to intersect.
The process itself is what drives the creation of my artwork. I make certain calculations like overall color schemes, and the shape and size of the canvas, with a most-likely end result in mind, but ultimately, it is the behavior of the materials what determines the outcome.
Sometimes redefining the course of action, taking me to unexpected places and confronting my expectations.

The canvas serves as a platform for weaving narratives through brushwork, detailed lines, and vibrant color fields. The washes and fields of color are shaped and informed by the natural world, its bewildering, inexhaustible forms. I draw visual connections to topography, and imagined biological structures. The unifying theme of energy and connectivity runs as a vivid copper thread throughout my work, merging the visual in two dimensions and the perceptual in three dimensions. 

The female form is showcased, distilled to its essence in a minimalistic palette and style. A single line, intertwines with the shadow cast by sewn copper wire, infusing a two-dimensional canvas with an illusion of movement and depth. The copper wire, can be confused with a delicately drawn line or hair, symbolizes vitality and interconnection, paying tribute to the historically significant act of sewing—an expressive gesture rooted in the female experience. Within these layered elements, the viewer is encouraged to approach the canvas closely, where sometimes meticulously rendered eyes emerge, connected by a single line to minimalist representations of the female form. It's in these delicate lines that one can discern the curvature of a hip, the graceful roundness of cells, and at times, a subtle allusion to ovaries and pubic hair—a whimsical blend that often forms a playful smiley face.

These elements come to life with the gentlest waft of air, influenced by the viewer's own movement. In this moment of aesthetic response, surprise unfolds—unanticipated motion or a sense of wonder at smiley faces looking back, happy to see them.

Throughout my career, I've been inspired by the art of the 1970s, including contemporary sculptors and artists focused on the human form, like Eva Hesse and Robert Gober. The humor of pop sculptor Claes Oldenberg has also influenced my creative vision. Painters from various eras, such as Joan Miro, James Rosenquist, and recently, Jennifer Packer, have impacted my approach to color, composition, and brushwork.  I use a vibrant palette, featuring striking purples, cyan hues, bright yellow-greens, and deep blues—an homage to the vivid memories of my Caribbean upbringing, where the ocean's rich colors and coral reefs left a lasting impression. I build layers of transparent paint to create depth, as far as an ocean, I imagine.


In the creative process, my objective is to create a situation that forces my [physical] self  and intuition to be completely “in the moment”.

Most of the time I hope my intuition takes over and then I find what I’m looking for:
an aesthetic solution to restlessness.

•    •    •